Layered Roofing Design Creates Highest Quality Industrial Roofing

Our signature Multi-Ply roofing process uses unique layers to maximize the protection and longevity of your existing roof. 

Base - Roof Panel

The MR Multi-Ply system is ideal for pitched metal, transite, asbestos, and fiberglass roofs.

Existing Roof

1 - Base Asphalt Roof Coating

A layer of liquid asphalt is laid down directly on the roof to form the base of the system.

Base Asphalt Coat

2 - Leak Proof Polyester Fabric

The polyester membrane ensures no leaks are generated by the roof.

Polyester Fabric

3 - Sealant Asphalt Roof Coating

A second layer of asphalt seals in the membrane and provides further protection.

Sealant Asphalt Coat

4 - Cool Roof Energy Star Reflective Finish or Reflective Granule Finish

The final layer, the energy-efficient granules, ensures your roof stays cool.

Reflective Granule Finish