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Roof Work

Multi-layered roofing system designed specifically for metal roofs.

The Thermal-Tec Difference

Thermal-Tec is the leading pitched roof restoration and protection solution for the steel, aluminum, and chemical processing industries in the Eastern half of the US. Unlike simple coatings or single-ply products, our multi-layered approach creates a long-lasting and durable roof system that is ideal for high temperature, intense manufacturing environments. Our exceptional safety record allows us to provide consistent results with confidence. We manufacture our MR Multi-Ply® Roof System directly to your roof using a unique blend of products.

A Multi-Layered Approach

Base Roof Panel

The MR Multi-Ply® Roofing System is designed for pitched metal, transite, asbestos, and fiberglass roofs.

Base Roof Panel

First Asphalt Layer

A layer of Multi-Vulcan I Asphalt is applied directly to the roof, forming the base of the system.

First Asphalt Layer

Polyester Membrane

The polyester membrane, Vulcan-Ply, adds strength and flexibility.

Polyester Membrane

Second Asphalt Layer

A second layer of Multi-Vulcan I Asphalt seals in the membrane and provides further protection.

Second Asphalt Layer


A final layer of energy-efficient Vulcan-slag granules are added to ensure your roof stays cool.


Alternative Energy Star Finish

Energy Star Reflective, and colored finishes also available.

Energy Star Finish

See For Yourself

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2020 STEP Diamond Award

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Roofing is a Profession

As professionals, prospective customers in the surrounding area drive by our jobs, and based on your professionalism they may decide to use our services or not. Those of us who have been in the trade for a while should set the example. If you work in a professional manner, the younger workers will follow your lead. Attitude towards safety is very important. A clean well-managed job site, with professional workers is our company’s best advertisement. The job site will be kept neat and orderly and the trucks are clean and well maintained. The workers themselves set this attitude. If you are willing to accept anything less than professionalism from yourself, you will accept it from your fellow worker. What keeps you safe, impresses potential customers, and contributes to a quality job serves well for you and our company. Be proud of what you do and accomplish every day.

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