Roofing Comparison - Membranes vs Coatings

MR Multi-Ply vs. The Competition

When it comes to roof repair, don't settle for a cheap alternative. Thermal-Tec's premium roofing system is guaranteed to out-perform the competition. With our 10+10 year warranty and numerous other advantages, your investment will be worth every penny.

MR Multi-Ply® Roof SystemSingle-Ply MembraneWater Based Coatings
Attachment StyleAdheres directly to existing metal. No fasteners required.6,000 penetrations for 10,000 sq.ft areaUnable to bond to oxidized metal
CondensationProvides rust proofing and condensation controlCreatesCreates
SeamsNoneAll over RoofNone
Weight10-14 ounces per square foot1.5-3 pounds per square footOnly .01" thick (2-3 ounces per square foot)
Fire RatingMR Multi Ply Roof System has a class A fire rating by UL and FMAssembled roof system changes fire characteristicsIrrelevant
InsuranceLowers CostsIncreasesMore risk
Tax Deductible100% tax deductible the same year as installationSystem must be depreciated over 39.5 years for tax purposesUnknown
RepairabilityYear Round40 Degrees and up45-50 degrees and up
Warranty10+10 Year Warranty – With $10,000,000 Liability insurance!3rd Party3rd Party
ColorsChoice of colorsNo choice of colorNo choice of color
InstallationDesigned specifically for pre-engineered buildings.System designed and developed specifically for flat roofs. Adaptation can occur, but adaptation produces numerous areas of system weakness.Painters
SafetyOver 1.5 million man hours without fatality or serious injury in the third most dangerous construction trade.N/APainters aren't roofers